Visiting team

Volunteers who support a family by visiting them regularly at home and participating in their daily activities and/or offering practical service — that’s our visiting team. We want to assist young families “at home”, encourage them and be their companions in their “struggle of life”.
In 2018 the Visiting Team is supported by the Immobel Fund of the King Baudouin Foundation and has been recognized and subsidized by ‘Kind en Gezin’ since 1 January 2019 as “Mobile offer of preventive family support with volunteers”.

By the regular presence of the volunteer within the family, we want to enhance the capacity and skills of the caregivers, to widen the social network of the family and be a preventive contribution to the welfare of the children. In the mean time we want to offer the children in their current situation the recreation, the affection and the incentives they need, in different areas of life.

The volunteer visits the family on a weekly basis. What we do always happens in consultation with the parents. Listening, without judging, and simply relating to them, is an important aspect of our goal. By paying attention to the private needs of the parents, even though we can’t always offer a solution, we aim to help them to better understand the needs of their young children.

The StapSteen volunteer wants to support a family where the parents, for various reasons, have difficulties in providing the necessary nest warmth, security and structure at home for their young children (under 12 years).

Would you like more information or do you want to co-operate with the visiting team? Sign up as a volunteer on this website.