Making the difference – looking for sponsors!

The King Baudouin Foundation (Immobel Fund) supports the visiting team with project resources in 2018. Since 1 January 2019, the visiting team has also been recognised and subsidised by Kind en Gezin as “Mobile offer of preventive family support with volunteers”.
These resources are used as salary resources and we have hired our first permanent employee.

As an organisation, we must also be able to demonstrate our own resources and we need operating resources that mainly come from sponsorship. We have about 1000 euro monthly support and would like to grow to a monthly operating budget of 2,500 euros. A monthly fixed amount of 10-20-50-100-250 euros or another amount would be very helpfull!

Your financial support helps us through Stapsteen to be a warm focal point in the neighborhood,  to be able to send our volunteers on path  to vulnerable families and refugee families, and to invite the children who now play on the street to a nice and safe children’s play area.

There are also sponsorship opportunities through investment in a building: stepping stone is looking for a building to include a child care and housing project. We are looking for individuals, groups and churches wo would like to help us with a (larger) gift or a commitment from an amount. We can give you the info if you have a duo-legate considering.

We are also looking for people who want to invest in the longer term in a building for the vzw as an investment, for example through ground lease. Are you interested, do you possibly know someone, we are happy to provide any further info.

Want to give or contribute to development?
Thank you for your involvment and support!