Inclusive childcare: a new project in the making


We are preparing the start-up of our family and child care support group ‘Biejoeke’.

This will be open to all families; children and parents who have extra care needs will be welcome in the future. Biejoeke wants to be more than only a nursery only:

  • the purpose is to offer a warm gathering spot for families in the city
  • Parents can play with their child, meet supportive persons, and ask for help from the doctor or nurse who will be present
  • “Biejoeke” will be a child care with regular opening hours, with a broader framework than legally required, through the inclusion of skilled volunteers and interns.
  • Our visiting team for educational support at home will work together with child care.
  • The meeting area for parents and young children can continue on weekends in this place.
  • The foundation of this project is a strong Christian pedagogy